Our homemade Charcoal is made from Alder, Willow and Birch, harvested from our woodland as a byproduct as part of good forest management.

Thinning the woodlands increases biodiversity. We create open glades and leave a mosaic of living and dead wood where animals and plants thrive.

The timber is cut, split and seasoned by our volunteers, before being made in to charcoal using our special kilns. It burns slow and hot, giving a great smoky taste.

BBQ charcoal – comes in 3kg bags of pure, sustainable cooking charcoal. Burns hot and slow, giving intense smoky flavour.

Biochar – Fine charcoal crumbs. Mix with compost or garden soil to improve condition, fertility and structure.

Artist Charcoal – The intense blackness of our natural willow charcoal makes it a perfect art tool. Branches are stripped of bark and placed in metal tins in our kilns alongside the logs.