Watchtree Wheelers is all about getting people on bikes. We hire bikes; we sell bikes; we fix bikes; we teach people to ride bikes. 

Cycling is great for your mental and physical well-being. It is fun to cycle together but can be enjoyed alone if you crave a little peace and quiet. 

For people of all ages and abilities, Watchtree is the perfect place to ride in a safe, traffic-free environment. 

We have an extensive cycle fleet of bikes and trikes for you to hire and ride around the reserve. 

We have all sorts of bikes for all sorts of people. Whatever your requirements, the chances are we have something to suit your needs.  

Can’t ride? We still have options that let you join in the fun. From companion cycles that you can ride on, child seats for those too little to pedal, a cargo trike and a wheelchair carrying tricycle. 

Not a confident rider? We can help with that. We provide training sessions from drop-in, led sessions like “Little Wheelers” to 1:1 personal tuition. We cater for all ages and abilities. 

Need your bike repaired or serviced? We have the expertise and facilities to repair or service your bike at very competitive rates. 

We sell bikes too! We recycle (excuse the pun) bikes donated by our supporters by returning them to a rideable condition and making them available at a price that is, at once, affordable and that can raise useful funds for the reserve and its projects. We also sell our lovely, nearly new fleet bikes to make way for replacements. If you liked the bike that you hired, you can take it home with you. 

Whatchtree Wheelers has a fantastic team of volunteers that keep all our cycling fleet fully maintained. If you have an interest in biking and would like to volunteer at Watchtree Click here