Watchtree Nature Reserve a Wildlife Haven and Community Asset for All.” 

The limited company title – ‘Watchtree Nature Reserve Ltd.’ encompasses all that we do, which includes the reserve itself, Watchtree Wheelers, our Educational Services, the Café and our many associated events such as trail runs and health walks. 

We are a registered charity with the following objectives: 

  • To maintain, improve or provide public amenities 
  • To promote; for the public benefit, the Watchtree site in Cumbria and its environs, in particular by associating local community organisations in a common effort to advance education, to relieve poverty, need, and hardship. 
  • To provide facilities for leisure time occupation in the interest of social welfare, and to conserve and improve the environment. 

We have developed into a successful community asset with a small team of staff and active volunteer force. The reserve has become a popular visitor attraction due to the warm welcome from our team, the variety of wildlife and the additional attractions, including cycle hire service.